Four Music Instrument Shops in Your City

If you love playing an instrument, there are a number of music instrument stores in your city that sell them. Check out these four locations: Guitar Emporium, Fork’s Drum Closet, Fanny’s, and Rumble Seat Music. These locations cater to music lovers and parents of young children who want to learn the basics of playing a musical instrument. These shops also sell other instruments, including drums, ukuleles, and pianos.

Guitar emporium

A visit to the Louisville, Kentucky Guitar Emporium will make your musical dreams come true. Located in the Highlands district, the emporium offers an extensive selection of vintage Gibsons, upscale Martins, and eclectic specialty items. And if that’s not enough, they also offer instrument repairs and instruction. Owner Jimmy Brown knows the ropes well, so he’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Rumble Seat Music

Located on the historic 8th Avenue in Nashville, Rumble Seat Music instrument shops are owned by Michael Michaelowski, a Grammy winning film composer who spent years as a musician and collector. His love of music led him to create the stores, which feature vintage gear, hotly coveted guitars, and a wide array of instruments. Michael’s goal is to create an inviting, music-store environment, centered on the instrument itself.

Fork’s Drum Closet

If you’re looking for a great music instrument store that’s locally owned, head over to Fork’s Drum Closet. Gary Forkum, the owner of the shop, has been serving the Nashville music industry for over two decades. He and local investor Bert Mathews purchased the building from Corner Music owner Larry Garris in 1985. The two plan to renovate the buildings and offer new tenants great products and services.


For decades, Nashville’s music scene has been shaped by the eclectic offerings of Fanny’s Music Instrument Shop. The store is known for its vintage gear and “all are welcome” atmosphere. However, the recession has hit Nashville hard, and the team behind the store wanted to find a way to give the community something to talk about. Now, they will expand beyond selling instruments to offering music therapy and nonprofit schools for kids.

North American Guitar

The North American Guitar is a leading music instrument shop specializing in bespoke luthiery. They also sell bespoke instruments by lesser known luthiers and boutique brands. The shop was started by Ben and Robert Montague in 2010 in London. In 2019, the company acquired the largest music store in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved its headquarters there. While the company is focused on high-end guitars, it also sells affordable instruments.